Why is a Lawyer Like a Marketer?

Why is a Lawyer Like a Marketer?

I am really focusing on one main thing here, although I’m sure there are many things that lawyers and marketers do in fact have in common, but in my opinion the biggest business characteristic that they share is that they both rely on the ability to build trust to succeed in their chosen careers.

When it comes to marketing, pretty much every initiative you implement, whether it’s a piece of marketing collateral, an online community or a networking event, is meant to forge relationships and build trust with potential clients, and guess what? The same goes for lawyers. No one is going to buy what you’re selling (whether the product is a physical thing or legal services) if they have a mistrustful relationship with you.

While many legal firms have strong marketing departments, a lawyer still has to rely on their own skills and personality to meet with clients and promote themselves the same way that a marketer would promote their company’s products or services only in the case of a lawyer they’re focusing on promoting a personal brand as well as a corporate one.

What can a lawyer do to enhance their personal brand?

  • Put yourself out there. One of the first things that you need to do is make sure that you have a strong online presence to help attract and retain customers. The majority of people looking for a product or service will turn to the web to do their research. If you’re not there for them to find you, then most likely they’re going to find someone else. Basically that means that if you don’t have a website, you need to get one. If you don’t have any personal social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn) you need to get them. Your personal brand is just as important as your firms, and if you don’t have one, you need to get one.
  • Make use of the tools available. Now is the time to embrace the new personal marketing technology that is freely available. Start a blog to help share your expertise or become a regular contributor to you firm’s blog if they have one. Start answering users’ legal questions on LinkedIn’s question platform and get a Twitter account where you can personally respond to other users and begin conversations. All of these things can be invaluable in helping you build relationships and show your knowledge and expertise, both of which are crucial to establishing trust with potential clients and helping solidify relationships with current ones.
  • Be real. Nothing inspires trust like openness and honesty and one of the best ways to show that you’re a person worthy of their time. Things like live chat sessions where you offer advice, using tools like Twitter and LinkedIn can help you show your personality and become more “real” to your potential clients.

Using these marketing tactics can be a great way to help build trust with your potential clients and helping to grow your business. Even in an industry known for it’s more traditional marketing methods, there are a lot of ways that embracing new marketing technology can help you get more clients.

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