The Rules: How to Be an Ideal Job Candidate and Impress Your Recruiters

The Rules: How to Be an Ideal Job Candidate and Impress Your Recruiters

legal recruitment tipsAs seasoned legal recruiters, we know the interview and job search process can be a long and laborious one. The effort of visiting multiple potential employers, answering the same questions multiple times all while keeping a smile on your face can be tough.

Summer is almost over and the busy season is beginning at R.JOHNSON. Do you want to know how to stand out from the crowd of legal applicants? Follow these steps:

Be On Time

Always arrive on time for your interview and call if you’re going to be late. Accidents happen, children get sick, the weather goes crazy – we get it. Additionally, don’t arrive too early for your interview either. If you’re appointment is at 10:00 am, don’t come any earlier than 9:45 am.

Fill out the Required Paperwork

If you’re visiting multiple legal recruiters, you will be filling out a lot of paperwork, and yes, it can seem redundant.

The information you provide, such as your salary expectations, job history, practice area experience, etc., paints a picture of who you are. Fit is critical when pairing candidates with employers so it’s important to thoughtfully fill out all paperwork.

Follow Instructions

When we call candidates to book interviews, we ask them to bring a hard copy of their resume and references with them. According to one of our recruitment associates, only 60% of candidates bring these documents with them. Why is this important to you? Because it’s an easy way to stand out from the crowd – follow instructions and bring everything we’ve requested.

We receive hundreds of applications per week. One easy way to stand out from the crowd is to be on time, fill out the required paperwork with a smile on your face and follow instructions (like bringing a hard copy of resume). Do you have any tips to share?

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Samantha Collier is a well-respected social media specialist in the Canadian legal realm. An experienced practitioner of online social networking, Samantha also has experience working in-house in business development for a national IP firm, but has worked in marketing and client acquisition for over 13 years.

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