The Rules: How to Ask For a Salary Increase

The Rules: How to Ask For a Salary Increase

how to ask for a raiseDo you feel that you are underpaid at work? Even though asking for a salary increase can cause more anxiety than forgetting to bring flats for the office fire drill, being properly armed with research and preparation will help ease your angst. Here are some tips:

Do Your Research

The first step is determining the market value of your position. Ther are a variety of Internet-based calculators such as Pay Scale where you can easily see the median salary range for your profession. You should also network with peers from other law firms to determine what people in your position (and your experience level) are getting paid. 

Check Your Documentation 

Did you receive an employee handbook when you started your current position? Review the salary guidelines to determine the proper procedures. If there aren’t salary guidelines in your employee handbook, check your firm’s Intranet or HR Department.

Determine Your Value

Part of asking for a salary increase is determining your value to the firm. Jot down your accomplishments, awards, volunteer work and goals. Emphasize situations where you went over and above the requirements for your position. Provide concrete examples, facts and hard data in paper format.

Ask at the Right Time

Most law firms have annual salary reviews. The date might fall on your one-year anniversary or it may be prorated to the date on which everyone is reviewed.  You should also wait until your manager is in a good mood. Accordingly, Monday is the worst day to ask for a raise!

Remember, your salary most likely includes benefits, vacation time and other company perks. Consider the dollar amount of each of these items when asking for a salary increase.

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