Staying Motivated at Work When You Have Lost Interest

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Staying Motivated at Work When You Have Lost Interest

vancouver legal employmentIt is well known that motivated employees are happier, more energetic, more enthusiastic, more productive, more driven and better performing than their unmotivated peers. Even the most motivated of employees occasionally experience a slump and need a boost to regain their normal motivation levels. But when your brain has pulled the emotional plug on attachment for a job, staying engaged is hard. Here are some tips that will get you back on track.

Keep your comments to yourself.  Don’t start talking to anyone at work about your newly discovered boredom. It will get around; and once it does, people will start looking for signs of disengagement.

Learn something new. Take a class that helps support your job.  You could take a software class or even one on effective communication.  Learning is a stimulating activity and makes you perk up your energy level because it is unfamiliar territory for your brain.

Keep things in perspective. It is important to keep things in perspective and always remind yourself of why you work. Beside the pay, it is often about realizing your potential, feeling alive and useful, feeling connected, making a difference in the world, expressing creativity, expanding your skills and abilities, helping others and contributing to the community.

Maintain a healthy work/life balance. It is very easy to lose yourself at work and forget what awaits you outside of the office. Make sure you take the time to do the things you like to do outside of work such as connecting with friends and family, exercising, reading, taking courses, or other hobbies and activities that channel your creativity and energy. Having something to look forward to after work will see you through moments of drudgery when your motivation and energy levels are not as high as they could be and will also make you more productive.

Think positive. It is important to be aware of what you are thinking to yourself. Avoid negative feelings and focus on the positive aspects of your job. Negativity is a contagious affliction that drains you of energy, slows you down, and saps your enthusiasm.

Challenge yourself. There is nothing that will keep you going like the thought of reaching your goals. Take a moment to think about what you want to achieve and how you will go about achieving it. Setting new goals will help keep the drive alive. The will to succeed will keep you going and bring out bouts of brilliance that you never knew you had.

We all have tough days. There are projects we don’t want to start, problems we don’t want to solve, or phone calls we don’t want to make. It’s how we tackle these challenges and turn them into positive experiences that can make a difference. Keep your attitude in check and look for the bright side of every task you do. Not only will your days will go faster, but you will feel better when you get home, and you may even crack a smile during the work day.

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