Should You Follow-Up After an Interview?

Should You Follow-Up After an Interview?

Interview Follow-Up Thank You The quick answer to that question is yes, but it’s not just because it’s the nice thing to do. When searching for a job there are certain established rules and etiquettes that are considered common courtesies and if you don’t follow them, you risk decreasing your chances of finding a job. Any hiring manager, recruiter or HR representative in the legal industry wants to know that the people they are interviewing for any given position are truly interested in the opportunity. Following up with a thank-you note after an interview is both courteous and effective because it shows that you appreciate your interviewers time, it helps you stay front of mind with the recruiter once you’ve left their office and it emphasizes your interest level in the role.

A recent study conducted in the U.S between February and March of 2011 showed that 22 percent of hiring managers are less likely to hire someone who didn’t send a thank you note as a follow up to an interview, while a whopping 86 percent agree that it shows a lack of follow-through and 56 percent say that it makes them believe that a candidate isn’t serious about a job opportunity if they don’t follow-up on an interview (statistics from the Blog)

With statistics like those it’s clear that following-up after an interview is more of a necessity than an option, so after the next job interview you go on, think about using the tips below to write a strong thank-you.

  1. Timing is important. Don’t leave your follow-up too long. You should have a note prepared and ready to send as soon as possible after your interview (preferably within 24 hours).
  2. Make a good impression. Remember, you won’t be the only one sending a thank you note. In fact, most of the other competitors are also most likely sending notes so try to stand out as much as possible.
  3. Note anything that you forgot to mention. If there was anything important that you forgot to bring up during your interview (hey, it happens to all of us) a thank-you note is an ideal time to bring up those points.
  4. Briefly re-iterate why you’re a good fit. Don’t recount everything you said during your interview in a follow-up, but it’s a good idea to briefly highlight once again one or two reasons why you think that you’re right for the position.
  5. Make sure you proof read. Just like any other correspondence that you have with a recruiter or HR manager, you want to make sure that your thank-you note is grammatically correct and free of any typographical errors.
  6. Don’t forget to say thank you! After all, that’s the whole point of the follow-up note: to thank the interviewer for the opportunity to come in and show why you think you’re a good fit for the role.

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