How Paralegals and LAA’s Can Assist with Law Firm Marketing

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How Paralegals and LAA’s Can Assist with Law Firm Marketing

how to help your law firm marketAs a Paralegal, LAA, or other legal professional, you might not think about assisting your law firm or lawyer with legal marketing very often. According to Susan Van Dyke, creating a positive and friendly client experience is a team sport, and everyone that deals with clients – Receptionists, IT, Marketing, HR, etc. – should be on board.

As a paralegal or legal administrative assistant, you are in touch with clients often – perhaps even more than the lawyer. This means that you are in a very important position when it comes to client loyalty and satisfaction. Here are some easy ways to assist your law firm with developing client relationships:

1.  Organization

As you are well aware, many lawyers work in a constant state of “organized chaos”. Organized might even be putting it nicely depending on the office you’re working in. One of the easiest ways to improve client satisfaction is to not only organize yourself, but to organize those around you. This way, when clients call or visit the office, their information will be easily findable. There are many software systems, diaries, to-lists available online for organization. 

2.  Communication

Nicole Black shares a quote that relates nicely to law firm communication, “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”  Lawyers learn a lot in law school and most of it doesn’t have to do with client communication. Fortunately, there are a lot of CLE resources for lawyers on exactly this topic.

Legal assistants, receptionists and paralegals can also have a big impact on client communication. All client interactions should be in a professional, polite and pleasant. There are other ways to communicate professionalism to your clients including:

  • A welcoming receptionist who offers to hang up coats and/or refreshments.
  • Providing clients who are coming into the office with detailed maps and parking information. Paying for their parking would be even better (if possible).
  • Informing your clients about how they will be contacted and communicated with via phone and/or email. For example, if a client calls while their lawyer is away, the receptionist should inform them when they should expect a call back, etc.

3. Attitude

A legal assistant or paralegal who demonstrates a positive, can-do attitude is worth their weight in gold when it comes to client satisfaction. There’s nothing worse than calling a professional who doesn’t sound happy to hear from you, or unwilling to help out. As a professional working in a law firm, you should always be willing to go the extra mile. For example, if a client tells you about a special event and/or life milestone, note it down and let the lawyer know. Susan Van Dyke’s article states that acting on something special about the client will improve their relationship with the firm and could have a significant impact on future interactions.


About Samantha Collier

Samantha Collier is a well-respected social media specialist in the Canadian legal realm. An experienced practitioner of online social networking, Samantha also has experience working in-house in business development for a national IP firm, but has worked in marketing and client acquisition for over 13 years.

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