Marketing Tips for Job Seekers

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Marketing Tips for Job Seekers

Marketing involves understanding customers’ needs and positioning a product or service to meet those needs.  This is very similar to the job search process.  As a job seeker, you need to understand what employers are looking for, assess what their needs are and then promote or position your skills, education and experience in such a way to make it clear to the employer that you are the best candidate for the job. Structure your resume so that the employers can quickly see your related skills and the benefits they would gain from hiring you. But keep in mind that you need to promote yourself not just in the resume, but also in the cover letter and throughout the whole interview process.

Here are 10 marketing tips for an effective job search:

  1. Think of yourself as a product to be marketed in a noisy, competitive marketplace.
  1. Have a personal marketing plan or strategy in place. This will help you stay on track of your goals. Remember, managing your career is an active process, not a passive one.
  1. Differentiate yourself. Find a way to stand out from all the other job seekers in your field. Be memorable and unique.
  1. Be discoverable. Build your online brand by creating a large digital footprint using networking sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter. Keep your profiles updated and engaging otherwise they will be ineffective.
  1. Don’t sell yourself short. Develop an effective “elevator speech” or “30-second pitch.” Sometimes you have less than a minute to make a first impression.
  1. Know where you are you going. Describe your destination so others can visualize your growth. Don’t be caught off guard when a potential employer asks you about your five-year plan.
  1. Do your research. Most job seekers will write a generic cover letter, add a fresh copy of their resume, and then send these materials off to a prospective employer with the hope of being selected from dozens, hundreds, even thousands of applicants. You can greatly improve your odds and gain a competitive edge by conducting both company and industry research. The more information you have the better chance you have of standing out.
  1. Use stories to describe your achievements. It’s not enough to simply say what you are good at. You need to have concrete examples to back up your credentials.
  1. Talk about the benefits you offer, not just the features described in your resume. Present your key skills and accomplishments that best represent the value you bring to a company.
  1. Believe in yourself. If you exude the right amount of confidence potential employers will take notice.
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