Job Seeker Facebook Graph Search Best Practices

Job Seeker Facebook Graph Search Best Practices

Facebook Graph Search for Job SeekersFacebook recently launched a new feature called Graph Search which means it’s time to adjust those settings once again (insert moans and groans here). According to Gizmodo, Graph Search is Facebook’s bold new way of browsing the social network. And in the wrong hands, it can be the ultimate stalker engine. Depending on your preferences, you might not mind if your current or prospective employer see your status updates, pictures and/or places you’ve checked into. But, we wanted to tell you how to make your profile private just in case!

Adjust your Facebook Status Updates

Facebook has made it simple to adjust who sees your status updates. From both your smartphone and your desktop computer, you can easily decide who sees your posts. Facebook’s options include:

  • Public: This means anyone can see your posts including status updates and pictures.
  • Friends: Your confirmed friends can see your updates.
  • Only Me: We’re not sure why you’d want to post status updates to yourself but to each their own! This setting means that only you can see the post(s).
  • Custom: This setting allows you to choose certain friends or lists of friends that can see (or not see) your posts.

Thankfully, Facebook remembers your most recent setting so you won’t need to adjust it each time you post. You can also adjust the privacy settings of older posts.

Adjust Your Facebook Photo and Status Tagging Settings

Unfortunately, you can’t control what your friends post on your timeline and what they tag you in. These can include less than savory pictures or embarrassing situations. Because these pictures are owned by your friends, they control who can find them in Graph Search. Although this sounds like a no-win situation, you can control which posts will appear on your own Timeline and you can also adjust how you’d like to be tagged:

  1. From the cog drop-down menu located on the top right hand side of your profile, select “Account Settings”.
  2. On the next screen, select “Timeline and Tagging” from the left hand column.
  3. From this screen, you can adjust each setting so that you can review tagged posts before they appear on Facebook.

Facebook Post Best Practices for Job Seekers

  • Don’t post anything you would mind your grandmother seeing
  • Avoid comments that could be interpreted in a negative way. Additionally, look over your timeline and delete comments accordingly.
  • Look through your tagged pictures and untag them as you see fit
  • Take inventory of what groups you’re part of and which apps you use. Do they reflect your values? For example, you probably don’t want people to see that you’re part of the “Drunk Nights at the Bar Caught on Tape” group.

Facebook’s new Graph Search allows users to easily sift through profile information such as your likes, places you’ve checked into and those embarrassing pictures your so-called friends might have tagged you in. It’s important to adjust your privacy settings to a level you feel comfortable with, especially if you’re currently looking online for a new job!

Now that we’ve talked about how to protect yourself from the new Facebook Graph Search, check out our previous article on how to utilize Facebook for your job search. With over 1.15 billion users and 669 million daily active users, Facebook is quickly becoming the place to be for business networking.

By Samantha Collier 

About Samantha Collier

Samantha Collier is a well-respected social media specialist in the Canadian legal realm. An experienced practitioner of online social networking, Samantha also has experience working in-house in business development for a national IP firm, but has worked in marketing and client acquisition for over 13 years.

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    Dear Semantha
    Thanks so much for this entry. Very interesting.
    I have simply decided not to allow others to tag me anywhere – in pictures – etc. But Facebook changes its settings relatively frequently, so it is always useful to go back and check to see if things still work they way we prefer them to work.
    This blog post is helpful in not just reminding one to check again.

    You write: “Don’t post anything you wouldn’t mind your grandmother seeing” I would have thought it is:
    Do not post anything you would mind your grandmother seeing?
    Maybe I am just confused. I wish you a great weekend and thanks for sharing.
    Urs E. Gattiker ===> CyTRAP Blog Rank – R. Johnson Blog  (click to get data)

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