Researching Organizations for Effective Job Hunting

Researching Organizations for Effective Job Hunting

Research is the key to effective job hunting and successful interviewing. You’ll ask better questions and be able to decide if you actually want to work at the prospective organization. Anyone can Google a business and look on a website, but if you try more creative methods as well, your hard work will pay off in the interview. Hiring managers love to see evidence of a candidate really going above and beyond to do their homework.

LinkedIn Company Page

The biggest professional social network is no longer just for individuals. Many organizations now have their own company page on the site, including lists of current employees and available positions. Have a look at the different job titles of these employees, especially the new hires. This gives you an idea of what the business does and what it needs new recruits for.

Press Releases and News Stories

When a company sends out a press release, it’s to announce big news or recent achievements. Press releases will tell you a lot about what an organization is prioritizing and what its planning for the future.

Financial Statements

Most large public organizations will have annual financial reports readily available, as this is a sign of accountability and transparency. These yearly financial reviews should have at least a basic breakdown of where the money is being spent and this can tell you a lot about the business areas the company is looking to build, expand and/or market.


To get an insight into what a business is thinking and what’s influencing it, take a look at how its competitors are positioned and how they’re performing. Private companies often respond to and are inspired by what their rivals are doing. By finding out what’s working and what’s not for their competitors you’ll be on the same page as your would-be employer.

The Interviewer

Knowing about the person who’s going to be interviewing you is as important as knowing about the company, as it can help you build a rapport and understand what they’re looking for. Get the interviewer’s name from the organization and then have a look at their professional profiles or any press on them.

Tap Your Connections

If you have a connection that will help you find inside information, use it. Do you know someone who works there at your prospective organization? Ask them if they can help. The vast majority of job openings are not advertised; they’re filled by word of mouth. That’s why networking is the best way to find a job. Networking is about building relationships. Everyone you meet can help propel your job search forward.

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