3 Little Tricks to Impress Your New Boss

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3 Little Tricks to Impress Your New Boss

how to impress your bossWhen you accept a new position, impressing your manager is most likely one of your top priorities. According to Forbes, we spend most of our lives trying to impress people. As children, we wanted to impress our parents with good grades, impress our teachers with outstanding work and coaches with outstanding coordination on the field. As a professional in the working world, we are most concerned with winning over our boss at work.

Here are Three Little Tricks to Impress Your New Boss

1. Tackle and complete the jobs that everyone puts off. As you know, there are a variety of tasks in every office that nobody wants to do. These include cleaning the fridge, watering the plants and refilling paper in the copy machine. I’m not saying that you need to do these things every day, but you can pitch in and take pride in your office environment. This will also help build your reputation around the office.

2. Research the industry you’re in and notify your office of relevant updates. For example, if you’re a Family Law LAA, and a particular court rule changes, copy the article, and e-mail it to everyone on your team including your boss. Showing that you are interested in industry trends and news is a great way to be proactive in the workplace.

3. Arrive at work 15 minutes early and leave 15 minutes late. I know that this rule isn’t going to go over well with every reader; however, think about this. If two employees are due to work at 8:30 am, and one employee arrives at 8:29 am and the other one comes in at 8:15 am, which one looks better? Some people may assume that the person arriving at work at 8:29 am is at work because they “have” to be there, but the employee who arrived at 8:15 am looks like he or she is happy to be at work. Not a bad return on investment for 30 minutes of your time right?

Not only can these simple tricks help warm your boss’s heart, they can also put you on the right track when it comes to work reviews aka salary increases. Impressing your new manager is important as he or she has the greatest potential to improve your work environment. Tackling annoying jobs, staying ahead of the curve in your industry and arriving to work 15 minutes early and leaving 15 minutes late are great ways to get started.

Do you have any other tips to share? Please feel free to leave them in the comment section below.

By Samantha Collier


About Samantha Collier

Samantha Collier is a well-respected social media specialist in the Canadian legal realm. An experienced practitioner of online social networking, Samantha also has experience working in-house in business development for a national IP firm, but has worked in marketing and client acquisition for over 13 years.

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