Differentiating Between the Types of Cover Letters

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Differentiating Between the Types of Cover Letters

When seeking out a new job, it is very important that you choose a type of cover letter that reflects how you are applying for the position. Your cover letter should be designed specifically for the purpose you are writing and customized for each position you seek. Cover letters are intended to make your resume better by bringing out what truly makes you a standout candidate. By understanding the difference between cover letters and knowing when to use them, you will greatly improve your ability to find a job.

Cold Contact Cover Letter

A letter sent to a company that may not have publicly advertised open positions is called a cold contact letter, also known as an introductory or broadcast letter. You’re introducing yourself to the company with the hopes that your resume will arrive at an opportune time. For obvious reasons, a cold-contact letter will generate the fewest leads. Your correspondence will face many obstacles, such as a hiring freeze, the potential that a position doesn’t exist for you, or your skill set doesn’t match the employer’s needs even if the organization hiring. However, cold contact cover letters are a great way to apply to a company of interest, rather than to a specific job.

Job Specific Cover Letter

The most promising cover letter to send is the one sent for an open position. In this case, you send a letter highlighting your career in relation to the company’s needs. Match the specific requirements of the job with your qualifications. When responding to an advertised position, spell out in the first sentence where you learned about the job opportunity. Companies often run several different ads at once, so make sure to list the exact name of the advertised job title, the web site it appeared on and the date the ad was posted.

Referral Cover Letter

Probably one of the best producers, a referral letter means that you’ve been referred to the company through a mutual acquaintance. It’s best to mention your referrer within the body of your letter, and preferably, place the name as prominently towards the top of the content as possible. A referral letter is also known as a networking or sponsor letter. Since networking takes precedence when locating prime employment opportunities, a referral letter represents your best chances of landing that dream job.

Follow-up Cover Letter

Companies don’t always make hiring decisions when expected. Sending a follow-up letter a couple weeks after the submission of your original resume and cover letter, or a few days after an interview can actually reflect your ambition and dedication to employers. And, in some cases, making you a more viable option to employers. When sending a follow-up letter, list new and unique content whenever possible. Try not to regurgitate details contained in your original letter. Instead, expand upon details that put new angles or views on your work history.

Your cover letter is your first and best chance to make a good impression. Use powerful wording that will set you apart from the other candidates. If you can also incorporate a short personal story that is relevant to the position, you will surely be a shoe in for the next stage of the recruitment process.

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    After getting through above types of cover letters I found it very useful but wanna add that we must follow cover letter etiquette to have all the types of letter successful then certainly it can produce high quality writing and get noticed by whom it may concern.

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    After reading your post i got information about different types of cover letter and it is helpful for all.