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Legalife: Guess Who Won the R.JOHNSON Ariana Grande Tickets?

R.JOHNSON Contest WinnerWe are happy to announce the winner of the 2014 R.JOHNSON Legalife Newsletter contest!

The Contest

We asked our newsletter readers to tell us about their most bizarre and/or funny job interview scenarios. Due to the number of entries we’ve received, we think there might be a reality TV show in the works. Don’t worry, we won’t mention names! Read More »

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Leverage Social Media During Your Job Search

social media job searchEmployers are increasingly turning to social media to look you up when they receive your job application. The idea is to gain an insight into candidates that goes beyond what they present in their application and during an interview. Of course plenty of personal information is often displayed across these social media platforms, therefore it’s essential that jobseekers are aware of how to ensure their use of social networking sites helps rather than hinders their job search. The steps below are examples of how you can use social media effectively. Read More »

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Don’t Leave Your Interview Up To Chance – 6 Tips for Success

job interview successSo you’ve gotten the phone call, and have finally scored a big interview. You really want to dazzle them, but not quite sure how to prepare? You want to “do your homework” but don’t know where to begin? You only get one shot, so here are some tips to guarantee you ace your interview…

Preparation is key

Research everything you can about the institution or firm: its specialty areas, the attorneys, and the specifics of the job that you are seeking. Next, conduct a more comprehensive online search of the firm. Read the annual reports, press releases, and any other relevant articles. Read More »

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Body Language Can Speak Louder Than Words

Body language job interviewSavvy job seekers know how important choosing the right words is when communicating with prospective employers. Your impressive résumé, brilliant responses and eloquent cover letter might make you a front-runner – but fail to make eye contact, fidget too much or forget to smile, and you just may blow the whole thing.

Here are some interview body language mistakes that could cost you a job offer. Read More »

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How to Take the Perfect LinkedIn Headshot

how to take LinkedIn profile picture There are lots of detailed (and overly complicated) guides on how to create the perfect profile picture for LinkedIn, but really, the simplest and most obvious thing to do is to use your common sense.

Dress Properly

LinkedIn is the professional social network, which means you need to keep it clean and professional. Your image should depict you in a man Read More »

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