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What you SHOULD expect from your Legal Recruiter

Legal Recruiter expectations

Deciding to work with a legal recruiter is beneficial to your career in many ways. This article summarizes just a few of the things you can expect when working with a recruiter.

An effective legal recruiter’s number one goal is to find you your perfect career match. We know the interview and job search process can be a long and laborious one. The effort of visiting multiple employers, answering questions all while keeping a smile on your face can be tough. Many legal candidates are interested about partnering with a recruiter and what the process includes.

A recruiter will ask you to come down to his or her office to get to know you in person. Everyone chats via phone, text or email but it’s not the same as talking to someone face-to-face. Recruiters will utilize Skype or GoToMeeting for candidates that can’t make it into the office.   Think of your meeting with a potential recruiter as you dating service…yes a dating service.  You have a very short time-frame to have them see the best qualities of you, and your experiences, that they can then market to their clients. Read More »

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Calgary Stampede Office Party Etiquette

stampede party etiquetteIt’s almost time for what most Calgarians consider to be the most wonderful time of the year. From July 3rd to the 12th Calgary will be saddling up to host over a million visitors to “The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth”– the Calgary Stampede.

Stampede, with its rodeos, chuckwagon races, and street-side pancake breakfasts, is also a great place to land your next job or bring that new client on board. With its multitude of corporate events you don’t want to be without a pocket full of business cards and your best 30 second elevator pitch.

Stampede is also known for excessive drinking which, has (on occasion) led to lowered inhibitions and ultimately some very poor decisions. What happens at Stampede NEVER stays at Stampede, so follow these tips to avoid the walk of shame on the next day.

Drinking During Stampede

It’s next to impossible to avoid drinking during Stampede, especially at corporate events. Calgary is a city where deals often get sealed with a handshake and a drink. First timers beware! Those ice-cold jugs of orange juice at the client stampede breakfast have liberal amounts of vodka in them. Be cautious as to how much you drink and don’t forget the water chaser. A trick is to always have tonic water with lemon in hand to give the illusion that you’re keeping up! It’s hard to say no when the boss or client is trying to buy rounds of shots. Maybe that cactus next to you needs a little tequila!! Know your limit and stick to it. Read More »

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How to Write a Resume that Stands Out

How to write a great resumeTo rise above the competition and have a successful job search, you have to do more than hand out resumes and wait for responses that never come. Applying for jobs is more competitive than ever. With the high volume of applications being submitted to job opportunities, the average employer only spends 15 to 30 seconds looking at a resume. Broadly speaking, it’s no surprise. Reviewing the average resume can get treated like checking out the latest tweet. So this is now the world that you, the job seeker in the city are living in — so how do you get your resume to stand out and make a good impression in that tiny time frame?

Use a Modern, Polished Look

The way your resume looks upon immediate glance is crucial. Your resume is your work product. Choose a clean, modern font like Calibri, Arial or Verdana, size 11 or 12, except for your name which, should be bold and larger than the other text.

Consistent Formatting

In order to increase the readability of your resume, formatting has to be consistent. Margins should be moderate, and text alignment consistent. There is no hard or fast rule on whether or not to bold or italicize your title, and the amount of indentation of your bulleted text. You just have to be consistent. If you bold your title in one job section, bold it everywhere. Read More »

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3 Lousy Interview Habits To Drop Right Now

how to not fail your interviewA legal recruiter calls you to set up an in-person interview. Your hard work creating a perfectly formatted resume and cover letter paid off! As the meeting date approaches, it’s important to prepare as the job interview can come with its own share of potential stumbling blocks. Here are three simple lousy interview habits you should drop right now!

Money, Money Money!

Don’t ruin your “first date” with your legal recruiter by talking about salary and benefits too quickly. Like dating, job interviews have their own ebb and flow and timing is important. Legal recruiters will send you to interviews with potential law firms and the same rule applies. When overly confident applicants ask hiring managers about raises and benefits, the result is always a failed interview, no matter how great the candidate was. Read More »

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R.JOHNSON Relocates Vancouver Office!

R.JOHNSON Relocates Vancouver Office! (4)

R.JOHNSON is Growing Again!

We are pleased to announce the relocation and expansion of R.JOHNSON’s Vancouver location! Our new office is located between Granville and Howe at 606-700 West Pender Street.

At R.JOHNSON, we specialize in niche market recruitment and personal career advancement specifically for the Legal Industry. If you are a legal firm, an organization with a legal department, or an applicant in any of these areas, we are here to work for you. Read More »

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