Best Practices for Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Website

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Law Firm’s Website

One of the biggest things I’ve noticed since coming to work in the legal industry is that it is one of the industries that is farthest behind in it’s use of the web as a marketing channel. I think part of the reason for this is that the legal industry has such a long history with traditional media and marketing that they find it difficult to break into new areas. While I’m not suggesting that everyone jump into social media, SEO and other online tactics just because many others are doing it, having an effective website is the best way in this day and age to communicate effectively with your clients.

  1. Think about your clients. A website is meant to help you customers and prospective clients to get information about your firm quickly and easily. I’ve found that many legal websites focus too much on the prestige of the firm and not enough on the needs and pains of their customers. By appealing to a prospect’s needs you have a better chance of being both relate-able and appealing to them bringing in more business.
  2. Use social media channels. Social media is a great way to reach more customers, share industry and company news and provide thought leadership on relevant information to your prospects. Using a popular medium like this is a new way to bring fresh clientele into your firm.
  3. Incorporate fresh and innovative content. Once you’ve got a client to visit your site once, doesn’t mean you’ll get them to return. Establishing yourself as an authority on the legal system and showing your expertise through well-crafted content can be a great way to become a resource to your clients and encourage them to return.
  4. Invest in SEO. Using search engine optimization tactics can help you reach more customers by improving the way you rank in search engines. This is even more useful for law firms that target niche areas of law as there is less competition for those search queries and it is easier to rank higher, getting more traffic and thus more business.
  5. Don’t forget your calls-to-action. You want people to engage with you and one of the best ways to do that is by encouraging them to share their contact information with you through forms on your site. Whether the form leads them to free informational content, a low-cost or free legal assessment or just a different area of your website, getting their information is the best way to increase your chance of getting them as a client.
  6. Make sure you’re measuring your efforts. If you’re not measuring the results of your website efforts then you have no way to judge their effectiveness. If you’re not already using it I would suggest implementing a tool like Google Analytics which is free and feature rich.
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