3 Steps to Reinventing Your Career

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3 Steps to Reinventing Your Career

career change tipsSometimes you reach a point where you are no longer satisfied with your work; whether it is the amount, the type, the environment or the commute.  If you’ve found yourself dragging into work, cursing your commute (or your boss, or co-workers) and hating every minute of the day, perhaps it’s time for a change. Your skills are not static, and can likely be used to do different things. Here are three simple ways to reinvent you career and perhaps move towards your dream job:

Take Inventory of Your Skills

Take a good look at yourself and your skills; experience et al, through a different set of eyes. Get a friend, colleague, or professional to talk you through your current resume, and thus your current skill set and experience.  You may not necessarily want to start your career over, but rather transfer your knowledge, skills and experience to a new venue.  Look for new ways to not only express but to use these skills. 

Think Outside of the Box

Expand your mindset.  An open mind – like a blank slate with no pre-conceived notion of what you can or cannot do – serves very well as you look for a career that’s new and different. Explore your options by reading about them and talking to people, try to just absorb everything instead of judging things right away. Don’t be afraid of trying something new or unconventional.

What do you love to do? Often running on autopilot, it is easy to forget what your interests are, and this is a great time to take a step back and focus on your passions. The best way to reinvent your career is to first discover what you really want to do and then excel in it by becoming good at it.  Do people come to you for advice automatically? Are you good at organizing things neatly and effectively and love working with people? There could be things you area already doing and enjoying, but you may not have paid attention. Let your instincts guide you as you take this path of self-discovery.

Rebrand and Refresh

Think of new ways to repackage your experience.  You might have worked with a smaller company for a while when you gained all-round experience of business development.  So make sure that all these skills and experiences are explained clearly, and repackaged in relevant ways for each application.  Make sure you are learning new things and stay active in the job market.  If you have time to spare, consider getting involved as a volunteer in a charity or non-profit foundation.  Subscribe to interesting blogs, websites and other information sources that will help you gain knowledge and industry perspective.

Once you’ve identified your likely choices, then it’s time to take action.  This can be frightening and often makes people freeze and stay in one place.  You have to identify your fears – failure, the unknown, in order to be able to face them head on while moving forward.

Reinventing your career is really about your personal journey of self-discovery.  Change and reinvention should be an exciting prospect as you are looking towards a bright future. How are you reinventing you career? We look forward to hearing your comments below.

By Samantha Collier


About Samantha Collier

Samantha Collier is a well-respected social media specialist in the Canadian legal realm. An experienced practitioner of online social networking, Samantha also has experience working in-house in business development for a national IP firm, but has worked in marketing and client acquisition for over 13 years.

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