3 Reasons Why Writing a Targeted Cover Letter is Essential

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3 Reasons Why Writing a Targeted Cover Letter is Essential

Targeted Cover Letter Let’s face it: in today’s job market, a generic cover letter just won’t be enough to help you land your dream job.

A cover letter has the ability to help you sell yourself and show your personality, two things that are a lot harder to do with a resume. Sure, a resume lists your skills and experience, but can it really help show a legal recruiter who you are? Or whether you’d be a good fit with a firm’s culture? No. That’s where a cover letter comes in.

Like a resume, an effective cover letter should highlight your career successes, offer a summary of your career path and tell legal recruiters what skills you have that would allow you to do the job you’re applying for, but, what it can also do is tell the recruiter why you specifically (not the other candidates with the same skills and history) would be a good fit for that position.

What can you do to write a strong, targeted cover letter?

  1. Have a powerful opening line that sells you and your abilities as specific to the role. Writing a cover letter is a lot like writing an advertisement only instead of selling a product you’re selling yourself. Keep your opening line specific to the job you’re applying for and add something catchy that shows that you’re a good fit for the role. For instance, if you’re applying for a Legal Administration Assistant role try using an opening line like, “With more than 4 years of measurable legal administration successes…” rather than, “I’m applying for the position of Legal Administration Assistant with your firm.”
  2. Tell them exactly how you can help them reach their goals. When reading through the requirements of the position you’re applying for (as listed by the recruiter or the firm itself) it’s a good idea to match the requirements to past successes. Show the recruiter or HR representative the value that your skills could provide to their firm.
  3. Go beyond requirements to culture. Besides the job’s specific listed requirements, it’s also a good idea to show that you would be a good fit with the firm’s culture. For the people doing the hiring, they don’t just want someone who CAN do they job, they also want someone they’re going to enjoy interacting with. Do a little bit of research into how the firm portrays itself and then explain why you fee like you’re personality and skills would be a good fit in that environment.

As a final point in addition to the ones listed above, remember: your cover letter and your resume shouldn’t be two completely entities. They should work together and complement each other and help prove that you’re the best fit for the role for which you’re applying.

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By Samantha Collier 

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