5 Ways to Use LinkedIn in Your Legal Job Search

5 Ways to Use LinkedIn in Your Legal Job Search

how to rock your linkedin skills (1)In today’s competitive legal job market, LinkedIn is a very useful tool for job-seeking Paralegals. Unfortunately, job seeker manuals aren’t provided. Powerful LinkedIn tools are usually missed by casual users. Here are five ways you can use LinkedIn in your Paralegal job search.

Update your LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline is the first area recruiters see when looking at your profile. Make these words count. Google search engines index LinkedIn headlines. Add practice area experience and useful, high-level skills.

Check your Contact Information

Check your LinkedIn profile every 3 to 6 months for accurate contact information. Research privacy settings and decide what contact information you’d like to share. Options include address, phone number, email, Twitter handle and web site links.

Add LinkedIn Connections

If you want employers to find you on LinkedIn, add as many connections as you can. According to LinkedIn, multiply your age by 10; this is the minimum number of connections you should have. If you have a large LinkedIn network, you have a greater chance of being found.

Add a Professional Picture

Add a professional headshot to your LinkedIn profile. Choose a square picture to add to your LinkedIn profile. It should also be at least 600 x 600 pixels and in a JPEG or PNG format. Remember, LinkedIn is a business social network. Save non-professional pictures for Facebook and other social networks.

Add Appropriate Skills

Similar to Lawyers, list all of your skills, especially high-level skills, on LinkedIn. Add all of the software applications you use including ALF, Amicus, Sedar, etc. Include all of your resume keywords and skills on your LinkedIn profile, so your profile will be found by employers and stand out from the crowd.

Set yourself apart from the legal job competition by optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Job search strategies are drastically changing, primarily because of social media. Stay up to date by maintaining your LinkedIn profile.

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As Partner, Kimberly is responsible for leading the full-cycle recruitment process and managing the day-to-day operations of the office. She also develops and executes creative sourcing strategies that ensure effective talent acquisition of top-tier candidates. Serving as the main point of contact for clients, she, along with her team, endeavor to facilitate a successful completion for every recruit.

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