Introverts or Extroverts – Who Gets Hired?

Introverts or Extroverts – Who Gets Hired?

extroverts and introverts job interviewHiring managers and recruiters are always looking for employees who fit job descriptions to a tee. One of the biggest qualifiers for potential candidates is personality fit. Outgoing candidates (extroverts) are hired most often; however, if introverts can articulate their skill sets and answer questions properly, they might be seen as a better fit.

What type of employee are you?

The Extroverted Employee

Extroverts are outgoing, sociable, curious, inquisitive, energetic, positive, dynamic, charitable, exposed, like incentives, are open to new ideas, scrupulous in their working style, and high achievers.

The Introverted Employee

Introverts are contemplative, loyal, trustworthy, analytical, detailed, discreet, creative, and wary of new situations. A typical job interview includes handshakes, standard greetings and a lot of questions. Social situations like these can seem daunting to introverts, while extroverts thoroughly enjoy the process. Introverts can overcome these issues by planning ahead. We recommend holding practice sessions with a friend or family member to make you more comfortable with the process. By doing this, introverts can be confident in demonstrating their skill sets and answering questions in a satisfactory manner.


According to the popular Myers Briggs personality test, most people are either extroverts or introverts with no in-between. Other popular tests state that extroversion/ introversion is a spectrum like a person’s weight, height, eye colour, etc. No matter where you fall, it’s your job to impress your hiring manager and show that you are a perfect fit for the position.

About Kimberly MacMillan

As Partner, Kimberly is responsible for leading the full-cycle recruitment process and managing the day-to-day operations of the office. She also develops and executes creative sourcing strategies that ensure effective talent acquisition of top-tier candidates. Serving as the main point of contact for clients, she, along with her team, endeavor to facilitate a successful completion for every recruit.

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